Launching the New Zealand Lighter Wines programme in the UK

New Zealand Lighter Wines

Launching the New Zealand Lighter Wines programme in the UK
Widespread national, regional, drinks trade and broadcast coverage resulting in a second major retail listing within six weeks of our campaign launch

The Story

The task was to get the UK excited about the naturally lighter (lower alcohol) wine category through the first listings from the New Zealand Lighter Wines programme in UK supermarkets.

At a time when consumers are looking to drink less, but better across the board, we were challenged by New Zealand Lighter Wines to launch their industry initiative to launch naturally lower alcohol wines in the UK and drive fame for two new own-label lighter wines hitting the shelves in M&S.

With a record summer underway, we tapped into consumer research showing that drinkers seek out lighter and more refreshing drinks with less alcohol in the warmer months – which perfectly reflects the unique, and naturally great tasting, proposition offered by the NZLW programme.

Backed by 18 leading wine companies as part of a seven-year, NZ$17million (£8.7m) research and development initiative led by New Zealand Winegrowers, the project aims to deliver varietally expressive, full-flavoured wines with less alcohol than their conventional counterparts.

We kick-started the campaign with a tasting day with winemaker Dr John Forrest and invited key consumer and trade for an exclusive first taste of the new wines. We then drafted and pitched in the launch story to UK trade, wine writers and consumer lifestyle media – in short, a hard-working and successful press office in action!

The Results


More than 50 pieces of media coverage, including The Mail on Sunday, The Guardian and The Grocer – plus inclusion on BBC One’s Saturday Kitchen with Jane Parkinson. 100% positive sentiment across all media coverage with a OTS in excess of 385 million

Distribution Increase

Widespread media coverage helped to secure a second listing for the New Zealand Lighter Wines programme within six weeks and has driven a renewed focus from winemakers ahead of phase two

Key Message Delivery

Strong key message delivery across the board, focusing on taste, innovation and a leading New Zealand wine industry initiative