Helping shoppers make a Naturally Good choice

Spreading the word of delicious, natural and authentic oats in Britain

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The Task

Flahavan’s is one of the best-known oat brands in Ireland. Our job? Spreading the word in Britain. Because these aren’t just any old oats. And, with a natural creaminess and authentic oaty bite, when people think of the finest oats, we want them to think Flahavan’s.

The Start Point

With so many breakfast options on the market, the cereal aisle is notoriously competitive. So, to get more shoppers adding Flahavan’s to their trolleys, we knew we needed to help the brand stand out. And this wasn’t just about encouraging existing oat devotees to make Flahavan’s their oats of choice; we knew we also needed to communicate the brand’s clear point of different (aka unrivalled quality) to warrant its premium price tag.

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The Strategic Thinking

Turns out, there are two v. important groups of oat-lovers who put quality right at the top of their shopping list… 1) Scratch cooking, self-confessed ‘foodies’ keeping their hungry families full and happy with the very best, natural ingredients, and 2) affluent urbanites on the hunt for delicious, healthy options post-HIIT sesh. So, our mission became clear. We’d make Flahavan’s the go-to oats for these shoppers.

The Creative Moment

For our target oat-lovers, premium quality goes hand in hand with authenticity, provenance, and naturalness. The good news is, if you put as much love into producing oats as Flahavan’s, they don’t need much help on the flavour front. That meant we could put the natural, no added nasties, goodness of Flahavan’s at the centre of our campaign with a campaign platform called ‘Naturally Good’.

The Tactics

We showed Brits why Flahavan’s were the ‘Naturally Good’ choice through awareness-boosting partnerships with Instagram icons like Alice Liveing. We whipped up drool-worthy recipes for a bit of #foodporn on social and in mags (Huevos Rancheros porridge, anyone?) We got Flahavan’s into the hands – and breakfast bowls – of media and influencers across the UK and we made sure Brits could taste the difference for themselves with sampling at boutique gyms and high-profile events.

The Humble Brag


reached, and more than 5m+ social impressions

National exposure

in weekend supplements like S Magazine, Love Sunday and Daily Express Saturday Magazine, plus The Sun and Huff Post to name just a few

The Business Impact

A sales uplift of more than 8% (against a decline of almost 4% for the hot oats category overall) “R&T has been a vital part of the evolution of our brand in the UK. Becoming our eyes and ears on the ground and helping us tap into the latest local market trends, the team have helped us maximise our exposure via PR and social channels. We can rely on them to bring big, creative ideas to the table, alongside the strategic thinking which genuinely impacts our bottom line. Flahavan’s growth now outpaces the total porridge oats category, and the UK is our most important export market.” – Alice Quirke, Brand Manager – Export Markets, Flahavan’s