Just Wing It with The British Poultry Council

R&T worked with the British Poultry Council to put turkey back on the menu for millennials across the nation

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The Task

Ever thought about how odd it is that we only really eat turkey at Christmas? It’s the centrepiece of countless meals in December, but everyone seems to forget about it come January. Rude. Our task was simple: Raise awareness of turkey meat beyond Christmas, and ensure minced turkey is established as an alternative to beef, mince or pork in some of the UK’s favourite dishes.

The Start Point

Turkey has been on sale in supermarkets beyond Christmas for quite some time. Problem was, it was only being purchased by a narrow demographic. We wanted to reach beyond existing shoppers and open the category up to a whole new audience. One for whom our key messages of ‘low fat’ and ‘high protein’ would resonate. Hi health-conscious millennials!

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The Strategic Thinking

Millennials are a famously fickle bunch – the millennial writing this can attest to that – so we needed an idea that would capture attention, tell a clear story, and keep people coming back for more. This called for a high-impact, targeted social campaign paired with subtle in-store activity that would allow us to influencer our audience online and have them close the loop in-store.

The Creative Moment

Gathering and distilling info from surveys and panels, our research lead us to four key insights:

  • For most, turkey was for Christmas, not much else
  • Turkey was rarely signposted in supermarkets
  • Younger shoppers weren’t clear on the benefits of turkey
  • Turkey wasn’t a huge culinary leap for most consumers
That last one was crucial: Unlike other meats, turkey was familiar to most. They knew how to cook it, how to use it, and even where to buy it. They just needed that little push with a bit of creative marketing to take the plunge and see the benefits all year around.

We needed to let millennials know that with turkey, they didn’t need complex recipes, shopping lists and hours in the kitchen. With turkey it was easy to throw a snack, meal or feast together without much effort. With turkey, they could Just Wing It.

The Tactics

If we wanted millennials to gobble up turkey, we had to make recipes the centrepiece of our campaign. We recreated some of the nation’s favourite meals using turkey mince, and added in a few new ideas for the more adventurous cooks. All of the meals could be made in under 30 minutes, using ingredients from a local supermarket.

No fuss, no drama, just delicious meals that happen to use turkey mince.

Our owned recipes were supported with influencer content designed to speak to specific segments of our millennial audience, all with the aim of showing how easy it was to switch to turkey mince without sacrificing taste.

To seal the deal, we worked with The British Poultry Council to sticker turkey products in-store at Asda and Morrisons, helping to prompt our audience in-store.

Finally, everything was supported with a robust paid campaign designed to reach millennials where we could make the most impact: Instagram and Facebook.

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