5 signs of skin sensitivity

Working with dermatologists to make Cetaphil the sensitive skincare brand of choice

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The Task

Cetaphil is a sensitive skincare brand that has been loved and relied on by dermatologists globally for more than 75 years. Our challenge was to make sure target consumers in the UK knew about the brand and why it’s so highly regarded by the experts – positioning it as THE go-to brand for those with sensitive skin. This meant making it stand out in a fiercely competitive market, building trust and ultimately driving sales.

The Start Point

We started by getting under the skin of Cetaphil’s core competitor set, giving us an in depth understanding of how rival brands were positioning themselves and their USPs. This helped us pinpoint what Cetaphil has, that other brands don’t… The trusted experts behind it all, who genuinely love and endorse the brand. We saw this as an opportunity!

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The Strategic Thinking

Because of its standout dermatologist backing, we knew Cetaphil’s experts had to take centre stage. They would be the ones to get the right people trusting in the brand and buying, and they would also be the perfect vehicle to help us communicate Cetaphil’s ‘5 Signs of Skin Sensitivity’ messaging (which proves it defends against the likes of irritation, redness, a weakened skin barrier, dryness and tightness).

The Creative Moment

We partnered with two high profile skin experts who know and love the brand, Dr Justine Kluk and Dr Cristina Psomadakis. Each brought with them an established and powerful influence amongst Cetaphil’s target audience, and a strong social media presence.

With real experts at the helm, we developed a high impact campaign that resonated with our audience, targeted them in the right places, and brought the ‘5 Signs of Skin Sensitivity’ messaging to life – spreading it far and wide. Using their collective influence and authority in skincare, they helped to generate extensive, trusted coverage that elevated brand awareness and helped drive purchase consideration.

The Tactics

We took a two-pronged approach, for double the impact! Working with Dr Psomadakis, we developed professional guidance on how to identify the ‘5 Signs of skin sensitivity’, and with Dr Kluk, we created the ultimate sensitive skincare routine. This allowed us to create two strong news stories for key media, which was the springboard for securing multiple interview opportunities, glossy product placements and influential coverage.

We also worked with our experts to create compelling social media content for their channels, including a skincare segment with Dr Psomadakis on Superdrug TV’s YouTube channel. This was so successful we went on to create POS for Superdrug featuring a quote from our other high-profile expert, Dr Justine Kluk. Media and influencers were also gifted Cetaphil products alongside five wellness gifts – aligning to the ‘5 signs’ messaging and creating a further buzz via social media around the brand.

The Humble Brag


Spike in sales in two weeks


Social media reach via dermatologists and press/influencers


PR coverage reach (with coverage in the likes of British Vogue, The Sun, Refinery29 & Closer)

The Business Impact

“R&T’s PR consultancy is truly first class when it comes to strategy and creative thinking. We asked them to really drive our dermatologist messaging within a short timeframe and they delivered exactly that. We’ve seen a spike in sales, with a 11% growth within the two weeks following the Dr Psomadakis YouTube episode, and across multiple retailers as well as award wins – all of which can be attributed to the Cetaphil PR team” – Sarah-Jane Parker, Galderma Marketing