We made Love Beets the nation's must-have accessory

R&T helped stick Love Beets firmly on the shopping list for many older shoppers

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The Task

Love Beets landed its first-ever listing in the UK (hello Tesco exclusive) and our job was to share the news far & wide and drive rate of sale.

The Start Point

We needed to get a feel for who was already buying beets and why – and what might make them buy even more. So, we polled the nation. and guess what?

Research told us that older shoppers just love a bit of beetroot. Mainly in a salad. Probs about once a week. But, excitingly, they were up for more. They just needed a little nudge. And a little bit of inspo.

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The Strategic Thinking

We mapped our research with the Tesco shopper profile and spotted ‘Dawn’ – our 45+ Tesco lovin’ beetroot buyer who’s big on quality food, cooking and #health. aka. our quick win.

We knew if we could get Dawn on side early, we could get sales soaring… But we didn’t want to be short-sighted either. There was a long game to play to get young families & the ‘well-thy’ buying Love Beets (because beets are right up their street too).

The Creative Moment

With our audience clear, we had to find a way to get them to bin basic beets and make Love Beets their brand of choice.

Scanning the fresh produce aisle, beets just looked a bit bore tbh. A bit passe. Even with their show-stopping purple hues…

So, we decided to bring beets back in vogue. And crafted a fun, fashion-inspired campaign platform, ‘Live Colourfully’ – positioning Love Beets as the must-have accessory for a life lived in colour and perfect way to add a pop of purple to your plate.

The Tactics

‘Live Colourfully’ came to life using a killer combo of Love Beets ‘look books’ & gift kits, and high-end recipe shots to help us hit the headlines.

We made thumb-stopping social content & seeded this out via a paid social strategy to ensure we caught the eye of Dawns, young families and the ‘well-thy’ up & down the country.

And we set up a not exactly subtle big purple pop-up shop in the heart of King’s Cross to get people trying (and buying) beets.

The Humble Brag


people reached via PR coverage alone

National exposure

in the Daily Mail, The Sun, Daily Mirror ( S Magazine

"fashion moment of the season"

leading to one very happy client (and one very happy customer)