Plant-based tea, fit for a queen

Putting Alpro at the centre of the conversation for National Tea Day

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The Task

Alpro is on a mission to build even more love and loyalty with shoppers, so our challenge was to cook up a plan to align the plant-based no. 1 with a culturally-relevant moment and get people talking. The goal? Drive brand relevance, closeness and favourability.

The Start Point

Riddle us this: What do you get when National Tea Day and the Queen’s birthday fall on the same day? You hit on the perfect idea to create a bit of a stir. Stay with us on this one… It’s the perfect combination when you think about it – two icons of British culture (the Queen and a good ol’ cuppa). We let this one brew and devised a plan to reach mainstream shoppers and put Alpro My Cuppa front and centre on a day dedicated to the nation’s favourite beverage.

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The Strategic Thinking

There’s no doubt about it – we needed to own the moment. And to do that, we had to be distinct and bold, creating an unmissable creative theme that could be executed in a playful way, helping Alpro to 1) be relevant, 2) be seen in a different light by consumers and 3) just have fun – let the content do the talking with the aim of the game being conversation among followers and shareability.

The Creative Moment

The Queen giving Alpro the thumbs up, a Royal Warrant or a seal of approval was the ultimate goal – we like to dream big. But: reality check, knowing that any one of these would be near on impossible (HRH was busy planning a Jubilee, after all), we looked for endorsement from another form of ‘Queen’ – none other than Drag Royalty. We tea’d up Drag Race UK icons Tia Kofi, Victoria Scone and The Vivienne to host a plant-based tea fit for a queen, with Alpro My Cuppa centre table.

To bring this to life we teamed up with the UK’s leading etiquette expert William Hanson to test the manners of our queens in an afternoon tea session… and of course filmed their antics to create scroll-stopping clips to launch on National Tea Day. And oh, did it deliver…

The Tactics

To kick things off, we created a 3-minute hero film that captured the best moments of the day (think how to hold your cup and saucer the proper way, stirring front to back and never clockwise… the more you know, aye?).

With the full video hosted on YouTube, 15 second teaser ads were posted across social (FB, IG, TW) to drive traffic and encourage views of the full work. From a talent perspective, we created bespoke teaser posts for each of our stars, to precede National Tea Day and build intrigue among their followings. Then, our four stars posted a big reveal on National Tea Day itself, through a personalised Reel with hilarious clips from the shoot – each the star of their own show.

The Humble Brag

Through paid, owned and earned content, we reached more than 22 MILLION tea drinkers, basically a third of the UK population… who we all know enjoy a good brew

Best performing posts on our talents’ feeds – surpassing their average engagement

We drove a whopping 235,000 people to the Alpro website on the day the campaign went live

The Business Impact

“We’re on a mission to build brand love and favourability, and a huge part of that is about aligning Alpro with culturally-relevant calendar moments, people and trends. We always look to R&T to deliver on this front, because they never miss the mark – and the creativity they showcased for National Tea Day was second to none. The content was hilariously entertaining whilst still delivering a clear brand reason-to-be – and, importantly, shifting the dial when it comes to how consumers perceive and engage with our brand.”

- Ellie Jones, Brand Manager - Alpro