‘Never skim an Erdinger’

Ramping up Erdinger’s social media presence in the UK

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The Task

We were challenged to ramp up Erdinger’s social media presence in the UK, helping the brand really resonate with its target audience. The goal was to build brand awareness, communicating Erdinger’s premium positioning and educating target consumers about wheat beer.

The Start Point

Our intel showed that Facebook and Instagram would be the best platforms to really tap into this audience and achieve strong engagement. We knew that whatever we did, it would have to be attention-grabbing, helping Erdinger stand out against stiff competition and be seen as a brand that fits into the lifestyles of our target demographic. We also knew that to get people engaging, we’d need to keep our approach fun, light-hearted and entertaining.

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The Strategic Thinking

This is an audience that know and love charismatic football manager Jürgen Klopp, and great news for us, he just so happens to be the front man for Erdinger’s ‘Never skim an Erdinger’ media campaign. Making the most of his influential appeal with Erdinger drinkers, we decided to build on the popular Never skim campaign and use it as a springboard for a whole creative social series that would get people talking and engaging with us.

The Creative Moment

We came up with an engaging way to spread the word that you should, in fact, Never Skim an Erdinger. To do this, we decided to look at all the fun faux pas that Brits should never do. Think amusing scenarios that people can relate to, e.g. ‘Never stop to text while walking’, ‘Never microwave fish in the office’, ‘Never forget their name mid date!’

We also applied this idea to Erdinger’s ‘Best Bit’ campaign, which focuses on the unique flavour from its double maturity method. We looked at all the moments people consider to be the Best Bit – think Sunday roast leftovers on a Monday (the best bit!), scoring a try in the final minute (the best bit!), finding a seat on a packed train (the best bit!).

The Tactics

To bring these content themes to life, we created a whole series of still and animated assets that were funny, relatable, topical, and shareable. We also made posts educational – making sure UK consumers knew why they should never skim an Erdinger, and what the best bit of an Erdinger actually is. We created a real buzz around the campaign with social-friendly video snippets and images of Jürgen, and we also ran exciting social competitions (again with Jürgen) to get consumers really engaged.

The Humble Brag


People reached via social media

Highly targeted

Some posts reached 91% of the target demographic

Global Instagram

Now a UK-led account (following the campaign’s success)

The Business Impact

“With the help of R&T’s social media expertise, in two years we’ve been able to establish a style and tone of voice for ERDINGER UK that has resonated incredibly well with our target audience. The team at R&T have managed to educate audiences in a relatable way, which has ultimately driven sales and helped ERDINGER earn and maintain its #1 imported wheat beer positioning in the UK”

- Natasha Saunders, Brand Manager at Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company