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Fisherman's Friend

Getting influencers to breath in the great outdoors with Fisherman’s Friend during hay fever season

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The Results

Sales increase

For two years in a row, our influencer campaigns have helped the brand achieve double digit sales rises during the hay fever season


Across 6 influencers, we achieved 37,621 engagements, with an engagement rate of 45% (the industry average is 1.45%, FYI)


We got in front of thousands of people with our hay fever message – 83,924, to be exact


With comments from our influencers’ audiences including “I hadn’t ever considered that for hay fever” and “this is actually so helpful”, it’s pretty clear that we helped to drive an actual change in perception

The Task

Show consumers across the country that iconic lozenge brand, Fisherman’s Friend, makes the perfect companion during the hay fever season, as it helps to keep breath fresh and airways clear when breathing in the great outdoors.


When you think of Fisherman’s Friend, you think of a cold & flu relief product, right? And you wouldn’t be wrong. In fact, the majority of the brand’s sales happen during the winter months. But, this isn’t the only time of year when consumers suffer with blocked noses and sore throats. There are millions of people across the UK who have to put up with hay fever-induced congestion as well. And that’s where Fisherman’s Friend comes in…

The idea & execution

To let the masses know that a pack of Fisherman’s Friend could be just what they need if they suffer from hay fever, we hit-up a range of influencers to spread the message far and wide. We didn’t just work with any influencers, though. We employed those whose content is focused on outdoor pursuits, to showcase Fisherman’s Friend in the exact usage occasion we’re looking to drive.
This included getting our army of influencers to create Instagram Reels – a form of content which is getting more popular every day – of them on their outdoor adventure of choice, with a pack of Fisherman’s Friend in-hand. We also launched a competition, to give their followers the chance to win a very exciting Fisherman’s Friend hamper – and drive even more visibility for the brand in the process.

The Client Take

“We’re always looking for ways to show consumers that Fisherman’s Friend isn’t just a product for the cold and flu season, and actually has a place in people’s pockets and bags all year round. This influencer campaign was a huge success in demonstrating an alternative – and very key – moment for the brand, and the community engagement across the content proves we managed to do exactly what we set out to do.”

Jon White, Regional Business Manager Fisherman's Friend