Working with Alpro to save our coffee shops - In it together

Working with Alpro to save our coffee shops

12th May, 2020 by Nicole Kennedy

We’re excited to announce the launch of our client Alpro’s ‘In It Together’ Fund, which has been set up to provide immediate financial aid to independent coffee shops who may be struggling amidst the UK’s current lockdown.

Leading the charge with £200,000 donation, Alpro has already been overwhelmed by the response – with more than 700 applications received within hours of the fund going live.

This means that there are still hundreds of businesses out there in need of help, which is why Alpro is now calling on businesses throughout the industry to donate whatever they can to ensure the fund can reach as many local coffee shops as possible. 

In order to do our bit, we’ve been helping Alpro bring the concept to life – including the creation of an ‘In It Together’ brand identity to give the fund a clear visual personality to stand out across all channels.

We’re also doing all we can to raise awareness and galvanise brands and suppliers to get involved – including nabbing a slot in The Grocer’s weekly newsletter calling on brands to donate, and running a targeted LinkedIn advertising campaign.

Visit the ‘In It Together’ website for more information on the fund, including how to donate today: