Environmental Policy | Richmond & Towers

  1. 1   Purpose

    1. 1.1   We recognise the importance of environmental issues and sustainability and therefore will consider in all our business decisions how our day-to-day operations may cause impact on the environment.
    2. 1.2   In addition to fulfilling all legal compliance obligations, we have adopted a set of standards to develop our environmental policy, concentrating on processes that cut down waste, re-use resources and recycle wherever possible.  Where practicable, we aim to set internal standards which exceed the minimum legal requirements.
    3. 1.3   We will regularly audit our premises, equipment and procedures to ensure these are energy efficient and utilised to an acceptable standard.
    4. 1.4   This policy is not contractual but environmental issues are an integral part of our quality management process and we believe placing emphasis on this gives the right message to our employees, clients and suppliers, as well as demonstrating our commitment to the wider community.
  2. 2   Responsibilities

    1. All employees are required to adhere to this policy.
  3. 3   Actions taken

    1. The actions we will take to make this policy work include:
      • disposing of any waste produced in an environmentally responsible manner wherever reasonably practicable
      • ensuring, wherever possible, that all products purchased are derived from natural resources and are from sustainable sources
      • setting and reviewing annual objectives and establishing, implementing and maintaining programmes to achieve these objectives
      • ensuring that all decisions regarding working practices and purchasing take relevant environmental considerations into account
      • endeavouring where possible to ensure that clients and suppliers with whom we have dealings are likewise environmentally minded in their approach
      • conducting audits of procedures and practices and responding to deficiencies through a planned programme of remedial action.
  4. 4   Minimum environmental standards

  5. 4.1   General

    1. 4.1.1   The points outlined below are the minimum environmental standards which we require and will endeavour to achieve. As this policy develops, we expect our standards to continually improve.
  6. 4.2   Waste disposal and recycling

    • We will investigate and utilise, wherever possible, environmentally sound disposal methods for all waste materials.
    • All plastic, glass, aluminium tins, food waste, unusable scrap paper, reports, newspapers, magazines, etc will be recycled and such materials should be placed in the receptacles provided.
    • When replacing items of equipment or furniture, we will aim to recycle or resell the obsolete models, where possible we will replace with used or repurposed furniture and equipment.
    • Where possible, the use of plastic packaging materials will be minimised. We are working towards being plastic free by December 2022.
    • Where possible, unused food and drink product will be donated to food charities.
  7. 4.3   Consumables

    • To cut down on waste, we discourage the keeping of hard copies of documents unless this is necessary.
    • Recycled paper will be used whenever suitable.
    • All reports, papers and company documents should be printed on double-sided paper to decrease paper use.
    • Employees are requested not to discard paper which can be reused as scrap. Bins are provided for waste paper.
    • Internal mail should be sent via email; where hard copies are necessary, reusable envelopes and files should be used.
    • We will always aim to buy products containing/produced with recycled materials where these are suitable for the job, including refillable pens, re-manufactured printer and toner cartridges, folders, toilet rolls, kitchen towels and long-life products.
  8. 4.4   Food and packaging

  9. 4.4.1   All employees are responsible for keeping the office, clean, tidy and safe.
  10. 4.4.2   We encourage buying from local suppliers and in season, buying Fairtrade products and sustainably sourced meat and fish. We discourage buying single use plastic.  On joining employees are given a stainless-steel reusable water bottle, shopper and lunchbox.  Reusable coffee mugs are available for those who wish to purchase a takeaway coffee.
  11. 4.4.3   We dispose of packaging and food waste in the bins provided.
  12. 4.5   Energy efficiency

    • Within the parameters of health and safety, we will minimise the use of energy.
    • Long-life low-energy light bulbs and other energy saving devices will be used in all areas.
    • Most of the lights throughout the office are motion sensitive and will only come on when the area is in use.
    • Electrical equipment (including computers, photocopiers and printers) will not be left turned on and running when not in use, unless there is a particular reason (ie left on following a request by our IT company in order to undertake essential maintenance outside of normal working hours).
    • Our heating/air conditioning controls will be set to a reasonable temperature for the working environment and turned off outside of office hours.
  13. 4.6   Transport and deliveries

    • The use of electronic mail is encouraged to reduce the use of couriers and mail.
    • The use of video/telephone conferencing will be promoted to reduce unnecessary travel. Where travel to meetings is necessary, we encourage the use of public transport or shared transport.
    • We also encourage staff to share cars, cycle to work, walk or use public transport if they can. We also offer the cycle to work scheme. Bicycles can be stored in the staff room on the racks provided.
    • For those who wish to travel by public transport, we offer flexibility in working hours to fit around bus and train times at the discretion of your career manager.
  14. 4.7   Communication and training

  15. 4.7.1   This policy will be made readily available to all employees, clients and suppliers, and we will ensure awareness of environmental issues throughout all areas of the business through ongoing communications. In addition, signs reminding everyone to recycle waste materials will be posted in appropriate places around the office.