How to Avoid a Prue Leith Social Media Disaster

How to Avoid a Prue Leith Social Media Disaster

1st November, 2017 by James Balm

Yikes! Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith experienced a classic social media mishap over Twitter yesterday after revealing the GBBO winner ahead of last night’s end of season finale.

Prue’s blunder led to a barrage of ‘memes’ poking fun at her (which, admittedly, were quite funny).

But worst of all, she was met with disappointment and criticism for her mistake.

Prue, who was in Asia when she made her blunder, blamed the time difference, but is that really a valid excuse? After all, her error could have so easily been avoided.
Firstly, she could have used a scheduling tool for any GBBO-show related tweets that stuck to the London Time Zone. But just scheduling tweets can come across as inorganic, and they’re easy to sniff out.

So if we had been advising, we would have made sure that Prue and her colleagues had been watching the show in real time – wherever they were – and tweeting live, avoiding any chance of spoilers until they’ve actually happened on TV.

And if you really wanted to avoid this kind of mistake for your brand, using a content calendar is your best bet. With an Excel spreadsheet, just lay out your tweets for the month and plan well ahead. This will also help avoid those awkward scheduling mishaps.

Finally, to avoid a media meltdown, if all else fails, just use some common sense. And if you’re really not sure – then don’t do it!

Or ask the experts – that’s what we’re here for, after all.