Fresh Produce PR Case Study | South African Avocados

South African Avocados

Change the way the UK thinks about avocados
The most successful fresh produce campaign in UK history: from £13m - £155m

The Story

Here’s a prime example of how a consistent long-term PR-led campaign can bring fabulous results. When Richmond Towers started working for the South African Avocado Growers’ Association in 1995, avo sales here totalled £13m a year. Avocados were an unknown quantity for most consumers, and on very few shopping lists.

Our 18-year long campaign changed all of that. Now, retail sales alone are worth £155m a year (with foodservice – think of all those Pret sandwiches – on top). In real terms, allowing for inflation, that’s an additional £131m of avocados being bought by UK shoppers each year.

In recent years, other nations have launched UK activity too, but everything has followed the pattern set by our original campaign. Educate and inform, engage and inspire. Through media relations, in-store support, social media and, very occasionally, a little bit of advertising, a nation’s perception of this most nutritious of fruits has been completely changed for the good.

The Results


+£131m incremental sales a year


33%, ie. 27m households