Consumer Finance PR Case Study | Privilege Insurance

Privilege Insurance

Increase awareness and sales of Privilege home and car insurance policies
Five billion people reached and counting…

The Story

Our brief was to increase brand awareness, share of voice and policy sales through a programme of ‘news creation’ – using research to develop newsworthy angles, from which we could hang Privilege’s key messages.

Rather than just create a limited series of stories about cars or homes, which would force us to compete for attention with not just other insurers, but breakdown companies, DIY warehouses and car manufacturers, our strategy was to target the stories at the lifestyles and needs of our target audiences.

We’ve created an average of two stories a month, all of which have gained national on and offline media coverage and have created talking points on social media, TV and radio.

Stories have ranged from proving that women are better drivers than men and discerning the worst time of day to be a parent, to looking at a kid’s eye view of the world and discovering that using social media makes us depressed!

The Results

Sales Increase

Marked increase in policy sales every time a story breaks


Generation of over 1,500 print, broadcast, online and social pieces in under two years


A campaign reach of almost 5 billion people. And counting…