The Postal Museum and Mail Rail

The Postal Museum and Mail Rail

Drive awareness, anticipation, engagement and footfall for the brand new Postal Museum and Mail Rail during the 18 month period from the start of building works to the official launch… and beyond.
Sold out within two weeks of going on sale, with an additional 10,000 tickets selling within a week

The Story

Our brief was to run a PR programme designed to slowly build excitement and anticipation for The Postal Museum and Mail Rail from building works through to launch.

We knew that to survive as an attraction we needed to ‘keep warm’ the traditional audience a postal museum might expect, and work hard to attract an audience of culturally active Londoners.

We therefore repositioned the museum’s offering, leading with Mail Rail and focusing on communicating the human stories  behind the mail, branding the experience as the story of the world’s first ever social network.

We used a programme of events, news generation, strategic press visits and guerrilla marketing to tell the quirky and very British story of the post, and pique people’s curiosity about the secret network of tunnels that run beneath London’s feet.

We have redefined what success looks like in the arts and heritage sector, driving outstanding national and international recognition for a physically small and seemingly niche interest museum and delivering results that are unprecedented for the sector.

Richmond & Towers have worked with us to put us on the map as a brand new attraction in a crowded market.

They work with us with passion, professionalism and expertise to ensure we’re not seen as “just another museum”.

We continue to feel the effects of the media hype created around our launch to this day, in consistently high volumes of ticket sales.

They broke down perceptions, broadened our appeal, increased our reach and share of voice and created a fantastic buzz that gave us the best possible start.” Harry Huskisson, Head of Communications & Marketing, The Postal Museum

The campaign has since been shortlisted for four awards including PR Moment Awards for ‘Culture Media, Sport & Travel Marketing Communications Campaign of the year’ and ‘Media Relationships Campaign of the Year – Agency’, the Museum & Heritage Award for top ‘Marketing Campaign Award’ and the CIPR Excellence Award for ‘Arts, Culture or Sport Campaign of the year’.

The Results

Ticket Sales

75,000 tickets sold in Q1 of trading (40 per cent of the museum’s annual target)


43% of all visits between September and November 2017 a result of publicity, compared with 12% industry average. 30% said Word of Mouth was a prompt to visit


500 pieces on the day of launch, with coverage in most national newspapers and broadcast coverage including but not limited to: BBC Two Newsnight, BBC Breakfast News, Channel 5 News, London Live, ITV News, BBC Facebook Live, BBC London, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4 Today program, BBC 5 Live, BBC World Service, Sky News, LBC and countless international broadcasters, including Al Jazeera.