Leisure PR Launch Case Study | London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum

Increase Museum visitor numbers through the launch of the ‘Night Shift’ exhibition at the London Transport Museum
Delivered an extra 13,300 museum visitors in four weeks

The Story

The team was briefed to launch ‘Night Shift’ – an illuminating new exhibition at London Transport Museum celebrating the nocturnal lives of Londoners and the transport heritage that has met their needs since 1913.

The biggest challenge was to get Londoners interested in the ‘Night Shift’ exhibition amongst the noise of everything else that London has to offer. As an additional challenge, ‘Night Shift’ was not the only campaign being promoted by the Museum.

Recognising that listings media would be crucial to driving visitor numbers, we embarked on an in-depth listings media campaign several weeks before the launch – and indeed while the exhibition was still being built – targeting long and short-lead, print, broadcast, online and social media.

With the exhibition being temporary, we needed to get as much coverage as possible, as quickly as possible, which meant media needed to write about ’Night Shift’ as soon as it opened. We therefore ran two press previews before the Museum opened to the public, introducing them to the Museum’s director, the curators, and of course, the exhibition itself.

The listings campaign and press previews were backed up with news and feature pitches, ensuring coverage hit as many channels and people as possible.

The Results


Previews were attended by over 30 journalists and bloggers


50 pieces of branded coverage

Ticket Sale Increase

An extra 13,300 museum visitors in 4 weeks