From English Apples to Great British Apples - a PR and brand campaign

Great British Apples

To invigorate and energise the promotion of British Apples to reflect a modern and dynamic top fruit sector with a positive future.
The team should all be proud of making the industry proud. Couldn’t be happier, excellent work.” Steven Munday, Chief Executive, Great British Apples

The Story

Understanding existing perceptions around apples, specifically where they come from, was hugely important when planning the campaign. We commissioned shopper research to get right to the core of consumers’ attitudes to apples and inform a comprehensive marketing strategy tapping into the power of ‘positive Britishness’ it revealed.

Using this insight, R&T created an integrated Great British Apples campaign harnessing the benefits of provenance, sustainability, convenience and health, creating a new long-term brand identity and a year one programme which featured PR, social media, industry engagement and in-store activation –the first time EAP had engaged directly with retailers.

The season began with the launch of the UK’s first ‘Great British Apple Store’, unveiling the campaign to key trade and media stakeholders, Live TV coverage added to the media impact generated by this immersive and multi-sensory event. While all key retailers have expressed willingness to join the campaign in 2018, Booths beat their larger competitors to it and ran a significant GBA campaign promotion in-store during the 2017 season.

During the two-day event, as well as consumers and growers, we welcomed attendees including representatives from major retailers, London Live TV crew, Sainsbury’s and Asda magazines and leading trade media, including The Grocer.

The campaign achieved a media reach of 500 million impacts, which undoubtedly helped to increase total apple and pear sales by 7.85% compared to 2016 and the supporting retailer, Booths, experienced an increase of 21% in sales of British apples.

The foundations have been established for a long-term campaign which both reflects and harnesses the quality, energy and optimism in the UK top fruit sector.

The Results


Total sales increase of 7.85% compared to 2016 and 21% increase in sales at supporting retailer


Attendees included London Live TV crew, Sainsbury’s, Asda magazines and The Grocer.


Media reach of 500 million impacts