Drinks Trade Social Media Case Study | Franklin & Sons

Franklin & Sons

Create a digital activation for Franklin & Sons’ premium tonics and mixers to engage lifestyle and spirits influencers and provide consumer cut through in the crowded Twittersphere.
Web traffic increase of 75% in 24 hours and a No.1 trending topic on Twitter

The Story

During the busy festive period our biggest challenge was to help Franklin & Sons stand out from the digital crowd. Our approach was to create an engaging ‘Tonic & Gin’ pairing masterclass and tasting on Twitter for a group of specially selected ‘ginfluencers’, led by Emma Stokes (@GinMonkeyUK), to inspire their followers to choose the Franklin & Sons range of handcrafted premium tonics and mixers.

We rooted the campaign in education, so over the course of an hour participants learned how to match different gins with the ideal tonic. The tasting was streamed through the hashtag #FranklinAndSons, so that contributors could see each other’s posts, ask questions to the hosts and react to each other.

We made sure that @GinMonkeyUK and the Franklin & Sons team were together during the tasting so that instant responses could be signed off. Additionally, we provided tasting kits to representatives from the different gins tasted – including Caorunn Scottish Gin and Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin – so that their teams could also join in, adding further crucial third party endorsement.

Within half an hour, #FranklinAndSons was trending across the UK – claiming the number one spot at around 7.45pm, ahead of The Oscars news, The Royal Variety Show and discussion around Hollyoaks.

Ultimately the key to success was in influencing the influencers – quality over quantity. Our chosen 11 each had strong Twitter followings and included two Verified accounts (the blue tick Twitter hands out to the famous and influential), and it was this combined clout that helped us to cut through the noise and share our message.

The Results

Twitter Trending

#FranklinAndSons was the number one trending topic on Twitter in the UK during the tasting


Created more than six million social media impressions in one hour – that’s 100,000 views per minute!

Web Traffic Increase

Web traffic to the newly re-launched www.franklinandsons.co.uk increased by 74% in the following 24 hours