You're guaranteed a warm welcome at Richmond & Towers

You’re guaranteed a warm welcome at R&T

10th July, 2019 by Jess Calvert

On my first day at Richmond & Towers, I was full of nerves and anxiety. As a 19-year old American visiting a different country without her parents for the first time, I was definitely intimidated. I’m studying English, so my experience in PR has been limited, but I quickly learned that, in this office, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. Everyone in the office made themselves available to take questions from me, so my initial anxieties were eased quickly. I was received with open arms and eager-to-know-me smiles.

After being in the office for exactly one hour, I was invited out to a journalist lunch with Chloe and Sally, two wonderful women who took me under their wings. From there, I was immediately welcomed by the entire company at the monthly roundup that afternoon.

During my time at R&T, I was nearly always working on some new endeavor. I scheduled social posts and created content calendars (for review by the team and client first, of course), put together media incentives, and researched and compiled lists of influencers for a multitude of ventures. The team at R&T made sure I was included in every office adventure and was part of every team meeting and round-up, which just demonstrates how important their people are to them – even the American intern. They genuinely valued my voice and opinions, and encouraged me to participate in as much as possible. R&T added to my confidence through the trust and comradery they showed me, and I’ve come away with a greater understanding of the PR industry and my potential place within it.

From karaoke nights to reality TV gossip during lunch, I’ve made some amazing friendships at R&T. In the same breath, I’ve been able to brainstorm, create, develop, and take part in so many ventures; I’ve had the opportunity to tackle projects ranging from conducting my own photoshoot for Instagram posts to calling magazines and newspapers enquiring about competition possibilities for clients. In that way, my skill sets and resume experiences are now so expansive that I truly feel the world is my oyster.