19th January | Nikki Thomson back


I’m proud to announce our partnership with Working Options, the nationwide charity that aims to help young people transform their careers and life outcomes.

We’re joining forces to support our shared goal of helping young people realise their potential. Making a conscious, positive impact has been part of our DNA since we were founded in 1930 by two women – from the campaigns we run, to the suppliers and clients we choose to work with.

The comms industry has a diversity issue, and we can’t change this alone. Not enough young people know about industry – let alone how to get into it. We can’t change that overnight, but we can do everything possible to ensure that young people not only consider the comms industry as an option, but have the tools, knowledge and confidence to know how to get started. Partnering with Working Options is the perfect way to make the big impact needed – so watch this space.

We’ll be supporting the charity by engaging with students in classrooms, helping young people with their personal brand building, as well as providing PR & social consultancy.

As the UK’s first 100% Employee-owned, B-Corp certified PR and social media agency it’s baked into our culture to ensure we are doing the right thing, and we can’t wait to have the opportunity to help drive change by sharing practical advice and expertise based on our experiences with the young people that Working Options will help us to connect with.

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