31st January | Laura Nugent back

A perfect tonic for Beefeater

Richmond & Towers is celebrating the successful launch of the London Tonic Series at Beefeater London: The Home of Gin.

Beefeater is the world’s most awarded gin brand and with its distillery based in the heart of London, it is the only historic dry gin distilled in the capital city, making it a true London spirit.

The London Tonic Series is aimed at shining a light on the best of London’s arts and culture scene, from stand-up comedians to all-star mixologists, through a series of monthly events while putting the Kennington distillery on London’s map for locals and tourists alike.

The Beefeater London Speakeasy was the first of these events, and was a celebration of the spoken word scene in London; a speakeasy in the truest sense of the word.

Selecting strong talent was key to the success of the event, and as such the team decided to work with Joshua Idehan, one of London’s most talented spoken word artists. Joshua is a frontman of the Benin City and HughLoveHugh bands and a Mercury prize winner. His wealth of experience meant he was able to provide an interesting narrative on his story to date, a mini spoken word work-shop on the art of spoken word, and entertaining performances of his work.

With the talent secured, the team set about designing and promoting the Speakeasy.

The Gallery Bar at the Beefeater distillery was chosen to host the event due to its open and airy feel and the team designed artwork to brand the space and stage, giving it an authentic ‘speakeasy’ vibe.

To encourage as many Londoners as possible to attend, it was decided that there would be two sessions, both free of charge, with guests asked to donate to the London Tonic Series’ charity partner – City & Guilds of London Art School; a not-for-profit, specialist higher education institution based in Kennington.

Events, listings, drinks, lifestyle and London focused press were targeted, resulting in strong pre event coverage on the London Evening Standard, Time Out and Londonist.

Guests at each session enjoyed refreshing Beefeater Dry gin and tonics upon arrival, as well as delicious literary inspired cocktails – an oolong tea martini renamed Oo-la-long the Watchtower – during the ten minute interval.

The event was a sell-out following the strong coverage secured, and the feedback from guests on the day was very positive with many citing how it had opened their eyes to some fantastic local culture and talent.

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