Happy #EODay: What it means to be an owner? 100% Employee owned

Happy #EODay: What it means to be an owner?

26th June, 2020 by Eve Salmon

Working at the UK’s longest established public relations consultancy (90 years, to be exact), it came as no surprise when Richmond & Towers announced that it was going to become an 100% employee owned trust last year.

This was yet another innovative decision the agency made to keep one step ahead in the world of PR and communications. And now here we are, almost a year into our employee ownership and celebrating our first annual #EODay 2020.

So, what has it been like to own my own PR agency?

With the world recently being turned on its head and suffering a global pandemic never experienced before, Covid-19 has been a test of our strength in every aspect, but with the UK economy and businesses taking a major hit, coming together as an employee owned company has been absolutely crucial.

Not only does R&T have an unbreakable communal bond inside and outside of the office walls, but now more than ever we are working together, for each other, for the same goal and for each other’s gain.

A benefit of being employee owned is the full transparency in day-to-day running of the business and I think I speak for every owner when I say that during Covid-19, we have consistently been in the loop. Each month at our Ownership Meetings (via Zoom), we have been regularly updated on current figures, finances, uncertainties, successes, and future plans.

With some of our clients thriving, teams have adapted and engaged in new projects as a united workforce, with a common goal in mind, to deliver the best results, not just as an individual, as a collective.

These last four months have been vital, make or break for many, and I think R&T, now as an EO trust, has truly demonstrated the upmost resilience, adaptability and productivity as our owners have come together with the pioneering attitude that has been keeping us 90 years young.

Although, we won’t be celebrating #EODay physically together in true R&T style, we will be raising a glass to our future as equal owners, knowing whatever life throws at us next…we got this!