1st March | Jackie Bates back

An energising b2b launch for Richmond & Towers

Richmond & Towers is very pleased to announce the addition of Norvento UK to its roster.

Norvento UK is well known for delivering high-performance renewable technology (such as wind turbines and biogas plants) to help businesses break their dependence on fossil fuels. The company is now broadening its remit to launch a wider Advanced Energy Engineering Services offering. This will provide businesses with all they need to reduce their energy bills – by gaining control of their supply and optimising its use – and even wipe out their reliance on traditional energy completely, to become energy zero.

The Richmond & Towers team has been briefed to launch the Advanced Energy Engineering Services part of the business in the UK: positioning Norvento as leading experts, building a brand presence amongst key b2b audiences and raising awareness of micro-grids as the future of energy supply. Explaining the appointment, Norvento UK business development director Ivo Arnús Montsalvatge says: “The Advanced Energy Engineering Services launch is all about expanding our offering in the UK market – and we need to make sure we’re talking to the right businesses, with the right messaging, at the right time. For this, we need a communications partner who really knows the sector, which is where Richmond Towers stood out.

“The team has an impressive and rare depth of knowledge about the energy world, backed by real experience of the channels and tactics that will resonate with our audiences. We’re very excited to be working together on such a forward-thinking project, and we’re expecting to see some impressive results from the initial six-month campaign.”

18th July | Katie Watson
R&T launches Brooklyn Pilsner to the masses

Brooklyn Brewery (part of Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company) is the beer brand that revolutionised the American craft beer scene, and is renowned for its premium, flavourful range of craft beers. But when it came to breaking into the premium world category with its crisp and refreshing new pilsner, it needed… Read more

9th May | Matt de Leon
R&T Helps Buildxact launch into UK market

If you’re in the construction industry, learn this name: Buildxact. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will soon. And if you’re a small residential builder, knowing the name could transform your life and your business. Read more

26th April | Jessica Aldersley-Hey
A Whole New World?

As the world opens up again once more, and we try not to mention the dreaded C word, we’ve been getting back into the swing of things and hosting events IRL – much to journalists’ (and our!) delight. From sipping rum in Cuba to launching new whiskeys in Dublin and… Read more

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