Celebrating Talent and Nurturing Careers Richmond & Towers

Celebrating Talent and Nurturing Careers – Richmond & Towers Announces Five Well-Deserved Promotions

14th July, 2021 by Anouska Leon

Running a London PR & digital agency is a competitive business, and the one thing that keeps Richmond & Towers ahead of the rest, and makes us what we are, is our people. So, we’re thrilled to announce promotions to:

Eve Salmon, who is promoted to Senior Account Executive. Continuing to add strings to her bow, Eve is providing sound client counsel whilst consistently delivering exemplary media relations results.

Alex Cook is promoted to Senior Account Manager, as she continues to add clear, strategic consultancy to her armoury, complementing her best in class account management skills.

Pippa Chester becomes Senior Account Director. Pippa has displayed superb strategic consultancy in an ever-changing world over the last year. She’s also an excellent people manager, plays a leading role within R&T’s internal training ‘University’, and is a great ambassador for R&T. 

Lauren Gimbel – promoted to Associate Director, Lauren has displayed key leadership capabilities over the last year and is a ‘big picture’ person who considers the wide array of criteria needed for a step up to a more senior role within our business – from client retention and growth, to business planning, agency culture and talent management.

Nicole Kennedy – promoted to Strategic Director, in recognition of the wide-ranging strategic role that Nicole brings to bear, leading client accounts and across our wider agency. Nicole started her career with R&T as an Account Assistant 11 years ago and is a superb example of the potential career path offered at R&T to some of PR’s brightest talent.

Commenting on the promotions, Managing Director, Matt de Leon said: “Celebrating talent and nurturing careers is the one of the most exciting things you can do as an agency. It gives well-earned reward and recognition to the team, shows you have great people, and is an indicator of agency strength, growth, and health.

“Massive congratulations to this fab-five, all of whom prove on a daily basis what great assets they are to Richmond & Towers.”