Business as usual: life on the fashion desks during Covid-19

Business as usual: life on the fashion desks

16th April, 2020 by Eve Salmon

I recently attended a Roxhill Media Webinar, Life On The Fashion Desks During Coronavirus, discussing fashion journalism amid the current crisis.

The panel was made up of three leading national fashion journalists and editors to discuss how they are dealing with coverage during the lockdown, and how we can best work with them. Speakers included Charlie Gowans-Eglinton – senior fashion editor at The Telegraph, Priya Elan – deputy fashion editor at The Guardian, and Jane McFarland – fashion director at The Sunday Times.

The session provided some great insight into what fashion and lifestyle desks are currently looking for and how they are adapting to the changing industry…

  • Newspaper magazines and supplements such as The Sunday Times Style want to be a breath of fresh air from the newspapers COVID 19 content. They aim to spark joy, laughter, and escapism with the creation evergreen features
  • Fashion desks can use this period of uncertainty for real creativity in the content they produce. Plans of themed issues such as Glastonbury, Earth Day etc. are on hold so journalists now have a blank, exciting slate to fill
  • Journalists are constantly accessing purchasing attitudes; what people will be able to spend on fashion? Some titles are also shifting focus to sustainable buys and encouraging thought when shopping, as well as supporting smaller boutique brands amid the crisis
  • Everyone is engaging online! The Sunday Times Style have utilised their social media channels. Their account is looking for all types of talent and media personalities to include on their IGTV’s and YouTube. For example, yoga instructors, chefs, and interior designers… They are keen to keep feeding into their community throughout the week and it is their opportunity to publish broader content outside of the magazine