1st March | James Brown back

What does Brand Britain look like post-Brexit?

It’s fair to say that the impending withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union has been one of the most talked about, incorrectly predicted and probably most misunderstood phenomena in recent memory (well, until America trumped us, anyway).

Far from the doom and gloom foreseen by the economic elite following last June’s surprise referendum result, Britain is currently beating growth forecasts, defying the analysts to remain very much open for business.

So what is the outlook for British brands? Well for those trading off the values and virtues of British quality, the outlook appears to be bright.

Take Richmond Towers client Franklin & Sons, for example. The premium British tonics, mixers and soft drinks specialist is enjoying impressive growth both at home and abroad, having just entered its 30th international market.

And Franklin & Sons is not the only quintessentially British brand reporting such success on both the domestic and exports front, either. Among others, luxury British stalwart Burberry is going from strength to strength here in the UK and abroad – with sales up 30% – while clothing and homeware retailer Cath Kidston – famed for its iconic British-inspired floral prints – is also among those companies continuing their rapid global expansion.

Some may attribute the success of these brands to the devaluation of the pound, but there has to be more to it than that. And it’s important to note that the key qualities that link all these successful brands and business are product quality, innovation and exceptional craftsmanship, as well as their Britishness.

For example, Franklin & Sons may continue to trade off its quintessential Britishness in a post-Brexit world, but it’s also the fact that brand uses only the finest, natural ingredients in its range of drinks (including Britain’s finest sugar beets) that makes the brand so attractive to a wider audience.

In this way, those brands that combine a magic mix of Britishness and quality will continue to be the winners in our brave post-Brexit world.

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