Ellie Taylor, Author at Richmond & Towers
5th March | Ellie Taylor back

New beginnings

As a recent graduate, I felt like a small fish in a big pond, joining thousands of graduates on the highly anticipated, daunting job hunt. Looking for a first job is a long, tiring and quite stressful ordeal, especially since I’ve spent the last 4 months travelling the world, where my biggest worry was what to eat for lunch that day. But after numerous interviews, and multiple aptitude tests, I was elated to land my first PR role, as an Account Assistant at Richmond & Towers. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve always been a massive
foodie, constantly becoming obsessed with the newest food trends, restaurants,
products, and of course food-related Instagram accounts. Now, starting my
career in a PR agency specialising in food and drink couldn’t be more ideal. I initially
expected to help out on a few small accounts where more input was needed, but
to be given the chance to work on one of the biggest accounts like Alpro, which
has one of the longest standing relationships with the agency (for over 15
years), is a lot to live up to.

It goes without
saying that it is essential for a PR agency to be passionate about the brands they’re
working with. But in this new digital era, it’s equally important for PR
agencies to have strong digital capabilities, especially being up-to-date with
social media. The agency certainly delivers in this area, training everyone thoroughly
to develop these key digital skills.

I’m excited to be
part of such a fast-paced, creative, media-savvy agency which prides itself on
building and maintaining long standing relationships with clients. Although I
knew the agency was well-respected and had a fantastic portfolio of work, I
didn’t expect that within just two weeks of working here, the company would
have already picked up four new clients. They’re definitely doing something

And with so many exciting events coming up, I certainly
joined the agency at the right time. With Alpro initiative Plant Power Day on 7th
March and International Sweet Potato Week coming up in April, there’s lots to
get stuck into, being part of the Alpro and American Sweet Potato teams.

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